With the power of Insurance Platform, you can close more deals, open more doors, satisfy more customers and grow faster. You can do it paperless with digital contracts and sign on tablet computer. You can conclude 3x times more contract in the same time that you fill out paper contract.
Make the most of every customer interaction. Use cross-channel customer marketing that delivers more satisfied customers, bigger revenue and exceptional brand experiences across email, mobile, social, Web, and more.
Do you need a Call Center tool to carry out marketing campaigns, tools for email marketing, calendar for setting meetings and other tools to help you with sales. Tool to calculate the fees, will help you prepare the accounts on time. Do you have all documents arranged in one place? This can be achieved with tool for document management. All this and more we provide you with Insurance Platform.
With analytics now anyone can get the insight of what they need. Analysts can spend more time uncovering new business opportunities and make analysis in real time.
Insurance Platform has responsive design that efficiently scales applications to any computers, phones or tablets. Apliccation for signing documents is built for Android, iOS and WIN8. And a mobile application for customers is under development so they will have all the data of their insurance products in one place available on their mobile phone.
Do you want to sell supported products in Insurance Platform online on your web page ? With IP you can use product forms in your webpage and start selling insurance products online.